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If you want to place bids on Klaravik you need to register an account. Before you do, make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions. (Please consider the Swedish version of our Terms & Conditions to keep up with the latest updates and note that it always prevails over the English translation).

Please note that you should put your country letters first in your VAT number, ie PLxxxx. If you are a company within the European Union you need to register a valid VAT number. If you have a company outside the European Union you also need to register a valid D-U-N-S number (a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses). Norwegian company? Fill in your organization number. Can't find your country in the list? Please contact our customer service at

Also, make sure that you use the Latin alphabet (A-Z) when filling out the registration form.

After you have submitted the registration Klaravik customer service will contact you within one business day by e-mail in order to verify your account.

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